AES is taking Showroom Management Tools to the next level!

Tools for both the managers and the sales reps.


A suite of tools that lets your team focus on the sale.

What is it?

Dealership Showroom Management System that helps...

  • Organize and monitor your clients and staff
  • Visualize and capture your client data in real time
  • Provide professional client presentations in two clicks
  • Usable analytics to make your sales training timely and relevant

Our Tools


The natural evolution of the "Up List" is to allow your sales team to capture data efficiently through each step of the sales process. Your managers can then monitor the showroom sales opportunities in real-time. Our mobile app includes a VIN Exploder and simple to use data capture tools.


Create multiple client finance, lease, and one pay lease options in two mouse clicks that enables the sales manager to customize as needed to generate our industry tested consultative proposal sheet.


Our industry tested analytics will provide you with usable data in real time to make your sales training timely and relevant. Unlike traditional reports we utilize detailed search to spot trends to define best practices as well as discover gaps in your efficiencies.

Data Security

AES ensures that all of your data is transferred and stored in the most secure manner possible. Our team has years of experience storing sensitive data. We run periodic security audits to ensure that data can not be accessed by the wrong individuals, even those with trusted access.

Security Highlights

  • Communication channels are always encrypted (HTTPS, SSH, SFTP)
  • User Level Permissions
  • Access Control Gates verifying credential at each step
  • Advanced Audit Layer (logs user info include ip and session data on every write)
  • Periodic Security Audits

System Up Time

We understand the availability of any tool in your sales process is mission critical. This is why we make sure our system is always available. We run replicated instances on both the west and east coasts that can fail over to one another. Our expert technical team can also come in and setup a cellular hotspot at your dealership.

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